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Pet and Parent Private Consult
$45 per half hour
Pet and Parent In-Home Consult
$90 for one hour session
Play and Train
Stay and Train
14 Sessions $600
As wonderful as they are, dogs don’t automatically know polite manners or behaviors expected of them. Let our certified trainers help you communicate successfully with your dog to develop a happy, socially adjusted, and well-behaved family member.
Perfect for multi-dog households or problem behaviors specific to your home. Behaviors that can be well addressed at home include destruction, manners with guests, counter surfing, leash aggression and more.
Your pet comes two days a week for a full day of daycare and private training.
Your pet stays for two weeks in luxury acommodations and receives extensive daily private training and socialization development.

Le Chateau Pet Resort staff and trainers believe positive reinforcement training is the best way to build a strong relationship and a strong training foundation. You can trust that your dog will be treated with the utmost respect and that no harsh methods will be used in our training practices.

Contact our trainer for more information at:
Learn more about our trainer here.

"We had a young out of control Boston Terrier named Ebby that we had to do something with ... after going through the first level of training with Randi, we have seen much improvement in her behavior. We would recommend Randi for your dog as well."
‾ RenÄ—e Fowler

$75 for one hour session
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