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Amarillo's first and only luxury pet hotel
8150 SW 77th Avenue
Amarillo, TX 79119
Phone: (806) 331-1100
Fax: (806) 331-1102
Copyright © 2008- Le Chateau Pet Resort LLC. Amarillo, TX
A veterinarian signed Certificate of Health is required for all guests. Alternatively, a current health record including current Rabies, DHPP, and Bordatella vaccinations and a negative fecal can be faxed or emailed from your veterinarian. Pets must also be protectected with worming, heartworm preventative, and flea and tick preventative.
It is our goal to ensure each guest has a safe, enjoyable visit and that each pet returns home healthy. Therefore, the following policies have been adopted.
Puppies must be over 8 weeks old with at least one set of vaccinations and de-worming.
A $5 per day surcharge will be added for any unaltered male or female over 6 months of age or required extra medical supervision such as insulin or other injections or bandaging. Ask about our Certificates to repay your spay or neuter fees!
Pets found to have fleas or ticks will be treated at owner's expense.
All pets will be evaluated for off leash group play (unless individual playtime is requested). Play is supervised at all times. Pets are grouped by size and temperament and play style. Individual play time is $5 per day with classic amenities or the selected free service with premium amenities.
Pets found to be harmful to other animals or staff will be confined.
For their safety, pets that jump or climb fences will be required to stay in our Royal 8 x 8 suite with covered private yard at the current rate for that available suite.
If the food supply you provide is exhausted a bag of one of our wholesome foods or a food run for your pets regular food will be added to your bill.
You are welcome to bring comfort items from home to leave with your pet. Please label all belongings. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items, but will do our best to make sure your pet's goodies go home with him/her.
All guest are enrolled in Well Pet Insurance for $1 per day.
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