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Amarillo's first and only luxury pet hotel
8150 SW 77th Avenue
Amarillo, TX 79119
Phone: (806) 331-1100
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Thanks for the treats Mom! I enjoyed my stay at Le Chateau!
A la carte Amenities
Parties and Coordination
Pet Portraits
These services may be added to your pet's stay or choose one at no additional charge with any premium suite!
Let our party coordinators help you plan a fun filled party for your pet in our play yards. Our pet supervisors will help assure all guests have a good time. We do the clean up!
Before or After Hours Pick Up $35 for first pet and $15 for each additional pet.
Exclusive Play Yard Daily Access Your pet gets the whole play yard or gym all to him/herself several times a day. Perfect for someone that doesn't enjoy group play or a family of pets of various sizes to play with each other.
Daily Pool Access Your pet enjoys access to our inground pool and rock pond every day.
Gourmet Treat Your pet receives a gourmet treat before bed.
Web Visit Access our webcams into the play yards and gym.
Capture the personality of your pet through professional paintings or photographs.
Cuddle Time or Individual Playtime with a Pet Care Supervisor Your pet gets personal play or cuddle time with the pet care supervisor every day. Perfect for some extra ball or frisbee time!
$50 for 2 hours plus $15 per pet guest
Record your pet's view of the event with our Rover Cam for $15
Enroll your pet for our holiday themed daycare parties complete with cake, games, and party favors!
$5 per day
$5 per day
$5 per day
$2 per day
Specify daily or every other day service $8 per day
Other Available Services
Included with Premium Suite
$3 per stay
Toy Allowance Your pet receives a cool new toy to enjoy from our boutique!
Before or After Hours Drop Off $50 for first pet and $15 for each additional pet.
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